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Your SAP system in reliable hands

Critical systems like SAP cannot be overlooked. High availability and tight integration with your IT landscape are imperative to getting the most benefit from your investment and ensuring its economic viability.


A Partner for all your SAP System needs

We consider it fundamental that your company has a system with high availability and that you can rely on a partner for all topics related to your SAP system.


We are prepared to support our customers through:


  • SAP Basis consulting and implementation of SAP systems.
  • Installation of all SAP products all databases and platforms supported by SAP.
  • Deployment of High Availability scenarios.
  • SAP Basis support and management (Monitoring, RSM and AMS).
  • Release Upgrades, Enhancement Packages and SAP Support Packages.
  • Migration of operating systems and database.
  • Copies, migrations and transitions (Carve-In/Out) of systems.
  • Security Audits.

SAP Deployment and Installation

The perfect collaboration between functional and Basis consultants makes it possible to implement an optimized solution that meets the needs of your project. Phoron do Brasil offers fast and low-cost installations thanks to its own methodology proven in several projects.

ERP systems are critical business applications and optimal integration with your IT infrastructure is essential to ensure availability for the business. In partnership with the customer, we define the best way to install all the technical components of the application and database following their individual specifications (for example, recovery points, recovery deadlines, etc.).

We therefore seek to maximize your investment and ensure a stable system environment.


Our services:

  • SAP landscape planning and design.
  • Consulting and planning of system architecture and hardware sizing.
  • Landscape deployments of SAP systems (for example: SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP S/4HANA).
  • Configuration of System components and implementation of high availability solutions.

SAP Upgrade and Maintenance

In case of changes in functional and technological requirements, IT systems need to be adapted to new demands with little or no downtime. The maintenance of critical systems such as SAP demands an experienced and qualified team that knows how to think and act in an integral way.


In partnership with your team, we design the most appropriate upgrade strategy, including all technical prerequisites and dependencies between systems. Your requirements for execution, integrated testing, minimization of downtime and security of transport routes are incorporated into the upgrade and maintenance strategy.

The intensive collaboration between Basis, developers and functional consultants guarantees a low implementation cost also in complex projects.


Our services:

  • SAP landscape upgrade (for example: SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP S/4HANA).
  • Deployment of Enhancement Packages and Support Package Stacks.
  • Uploading patches database updates.

SAP Management and Support (Remote System Management)

We take care of your SAP!

Our clients appreciate the daily checks and recommendations we provide in landscape management, as well as the high degree of reliability and commitment of our team.

In the rare event of an unforeseen event, our high capacity to identify and address the root cause of problems is particularly important to avoid interruptions in the operation.


Our services:

  • Daily monitoring of your SAP landscape.
  • Administration, maintenance and configuration of SAP systems ensuring continuity of operation.
  • Error analysis and solution identification.
  • Implementation of security notes.
  • Ongoing recommendations for optimizing system management and performance.

SAP Migration and Transition

Migration, transition and carve-in/out projects are a frequent challenge for companies. Especially when there is a change of technological platform or transition of data and developments, our experience, creativity and appropriate approach are decisive for the success of the project.


Our services:

  • Database Migration.
  • Systems Transition (Insourcing / Outsourcing).
  • Carve-In/-out.
  • Landscape Transformation.

Knowledge Transfer

We are known for our transparency and reliability, for not abandoning our clients even in the most challenging situations. We value long-term partnerships and believe that sharing information generates benefits for all parties involved.

Knowledge transfer begins immediately at project kick-off, with the involvement of all parties and sharing of all necessary information. Our work is documented in detail and we conduct post-implementation knowledge transfer workshops.


Additionally, we will be pleased to assist you with specific workshops for each client on the following topics:


  • SAP Basis Administration ABAP.
  • SAP Basis Administration JAVA.
  • SAP Basis Database Administration HANA.
  • SAP Basis Disaster Recovery/HA Hands-on.
  • SAP Basis System copy Hands-on.
  • SAP Basis Identity Management and Authorization Management.