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DRC Brazil Option

Beyond.ACR – Pioneering Tax Solution Certified by SAP and Powered by HDI Technology for SAP S/4HANA

SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (DRC) is SAP's official tool to meet Brazilian tax obligations in SAP S/4HANA - formerly known as Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR). Thanks to Phoron do Brasil's customization and extension with Beyond.ACR, we offer coverage to SPED records. All this within the SAP system itself, transparent to the user and without the need for additional infrastructure.



With the migration of SAP to the new SAP S/4HANA version, many tax solutions and legal reporting platforms are no longer working, as well as the old SAP ECC standard solutions. New versions of third-party software and “sidecar” (separate server) solutions prove to be incompatible or at an extremely high cost, either due to new licenses or the additional infrastructure required.


Aiming to offer the best of SAP S/4HANA technology to customers, Phoron do Brasil developed the pioneering Beyond.ACR solution, the first with HDI technology certified by SAP. It was produced by our team of experts, using the latest technologies and programming resources on the market. Fitting perfectly into the gaps of the standard model of the standard SAP DRC system.


The solution facilitates the management and production of reports on Brazilian legal obligations.




SAP S/4HANA is prepared to partially report SPEDs with the SAP DRC standard solution. Contrary to what many people think, DRC is much more than simply a new version of TDF (available in SAP ECC), or a change in SAP product nomenclature.


DRC is a new standardized framework for reporting compliance globally. This new tool is built into SAP S/4HANA and requires no additional packages to be installed.


To achieve the best DRC performance, the implementation of Beyond.ACR enables the integration of all tax obligations and standardization according to the needs of each company to comply with Brazilian legislation. We can consider it an important step towards corporate digital transformation.




The Brazilian state and federal reports produced with the new Design-Time tool in SAP S/4HANA allow for the native construction of analytical queries. Beyond.ACR also provides the functionality to preview and edit files in tabular form before reporting them to federal, state or local authorities. That is, you guarantee that your deliveries will be correct, avoiding failures and possible fines.


Using the solution, any compliance-related report or interface can be developed without ABAP coding. Also with the use of more advanced data modeling (CDS Views), which benefit from the best in terms of performance and modernity of the HANA database.


The 5 SPEDs (EFD, EFDc, ECD, ECF, REINF) are delivered with a partial coverage of records and already prepared by SAP, allowing customization and extension by Beyond.ACR without major difficulties.




Phoron do Brasil took the lead in the CKD issue, being one of the pioneers in the market for this issue. We seek excellence and specialization in our services, as well as a usage strategy that makes the most of the standard tool, reducing TCO costs with license, development, deployment and infrastructure.


We developed Beyond.ACR in about 11 months, with the collaboration of SAP's Innovation Lab, and achieved certification in July 2021. Our goal is to ensure that as many companies start implementing SAP S/4HANA, using all the technology possible in the DRC.


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