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State reports

The GIA-ICMS (ICMS Information and Calculation Guide) is the instrument through which the taxpayer registered in the ICMS Taxpayer Registry and required to keep tax books must declare economic and tax information, according to the tax assessment regime to which it is subject or according to the operations or installments carried out in the period.

GIA Reports

Completion of the GIA-ICMS electronic form will be done based on the entries made in the books Register of Incoming, Registering Exiting and ICMS Calculation Register. The GIA-ICMS form is made up of forms, comprising the various blocks of information, which must be filled in as the program indicates this need, according to the basic data of the taxpayer or the information previously provided.

Phoron do Brasil’s Solution

The Beyond.Brasil GIA Reports solution was developed within SAP to meet this legal requirement, fully based on the specifications presented by the state SEFAZ.

Unlike other similar solutions on the market, where SAP data is replicated in other systems, our solution extracts the required data from SAP itself, without the need for parallel systems. Then, using a single and real transactional source, the integrity of the data is guaranteed without the occurrence of rework or maintenance, reducing costs and tax risks.

The final result is the report being generated automatically and in the format defined by the State Governments.



Phoron do Brasil provides this solution for the following states SP, RJ, PE, RS, BA, MG (DAPI), PR, SC and DF.

  • Preliminary preview of the file before final generation.
  • File generation for validation.
  • GIA-report SP, GIA-report RS, GIA-report BA, GIA-report MG (DAPI), GIA-report SC (DIME), VAF MG (annual), GIA-report tax coupon add-on (each state), DECLAN RJ (annual).