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Beyond.Brasil-SPED ECF

Tax accounting bookkeeping was instituted by Normative Instruction RFB 1,422/2013. It is a new ancillary obligation of SPED in which information of accounting and fiscal origin must be presented for the calculation of Income Tax and Social Contribution on Net Income. It is a tax obligation imposed on legal entities established in Brazil.

Beyond.Brasil-SPED ECF

Beyond.Brasil-SPED ECF is the Phoron solution for this tax obligation, developed in SAP ECC and TDF-HANA, to fully meet the requirements of the Brazilian government. Our solution will support the SPED ECF file generation process for annual submission. All data necessary to generate the file will be stored in the ERP systems to ensure the traceability of the data sent.

Phoron do Brasil’s Solution

Phoron do Brasil offers auxiliary reports and user support manuals within the ECF package. With all the information stored within the ERP, the SPED ECF file can be generated automatically.


Main Features

  • Data for SPED ECF fully based on accounting entries.
  • Mapping of ledger accounts by Process.
  • Configuration of G/L Accounts in SAP related to ECF Blocks to generate the final report.
  • Data Monitor that allows the user to collect data and store it in the ECF tables.