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Beyond.Brasil-Import Cockpit

Phoron do Brasil developed Beyond.Brasil-ImportCockpit with the aim of simplifying the import process. The solution supports all phases of the import process: administration, taxes and exchange.


Import Cockpit

Import is the entry followed by the internalization of foreign goods in the customs territory. In legal terms, goods are only considered imported after they are internalized in the country, through the customs clearance stage and the collection of taxes required by law. The import process can be divided into three phases: administrative, tax and exchange.

The administrative phase refers to the procedures and requirements of government bodies prior to the actual import and vary according to the type of operation and merchandise: this is the licensing of imports. The fiscal phase comprises customs treatment, through the import dispatch, which is the procedure through which the accuracy of the data declared by the importer in relation to the imported goods, the documents presented and the specific legislation is verified, with a view to their clearance customs. This step takes place in dedicated premises, shortly after the goods arrive in Brazil, and includes the collection of taxes due on importation.


After completion of customs clearance, the goods are considered imported and can be released for the domestic market, that is, they are able to enter the importing company. SAP does not have a standard foreign market module (import in this case), so it is necessary to execute several processes manually. Phoron do Brasil then developed Beyond.Brasil-ImportCockpit with the aim of simplifying the import process. There is a third phase, the exchange phase, which concerns the purchase of foreign currency for the payment of imports (when there is such payment) being processed by a financial entity authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to operate in exchange.


The Phoron do Brasil Solution for the import process has as its main objectives, to facilitate the execution of the processes involved and allow the structured management of all the documents involved in the processes. From the file sent by the dispatcher, Fiscal-Cockpit creates the Invoice, the goods receipts (Physical and Fiscal) and the subsequent entry of expenses taxes. All this flow is automatic and possible to be accompanied in a complete and convenient way by the main Cockpit.


  • Automatic Creation of Electronic Invoice.
  • Automation of Physical and Tax Receipts of goods.
  • Entries of subsequent expenses and additional debits.
  • Various payment methods available.
  • Management via Monitor of the entire import process.