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Global Tax Solution with SAP

Governments around the world are moving to digitize their tax systems, requiring companies to submit and report tax information electronically.

Global Tax Solution with SAP

Keeping your business in compliance with legal requirements can be difficult, especially for multinational companies. Deploying and supporting many different solutions for each country takes time and money.

Transfer Tax Information with SAP Document Compliance (e-Document)

Countries like Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil and many more require companies to submit tax information to legal authorities electronically. To simplify the transfer of tax information while complying with local regulations, SAP created “Document Compliance”.

SAP Document Compliance
SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting

Report tax information with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (SPED)

SAP offers with Document and Reporting Compliance a holistic solution for real-time legal reporting and monitoring, including all mandatory countries and their specific legal requirements.