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Service Invoice (NFS)

Service Invoice (NFS-e) is an electronic document that replaces the traditional Printed Service Invoice. This document must be issued, authorized and stored electronically by a service provider pre-defined by the municipality. The NFS-e format was defined by a government organization called ABRASF, with the aim of standardizing the NFS-e layout in all municipalities in Brazil.

Service Invoice

Beyond.Brasil NFS-e is the Phoron do Brasil solution that allows your company to authorize NFS-e from within your SAP-ERP system, without the need to install or deploy any interface or messaging system (e.g. Middleware (PI)).

It is the best and most cost-effective solution on the market, considering the elimination of interface and manual activities. It is a solution in accordance with the ABRASF standard, compatible with the GINFE provider and easily adaptable to other service providers such as ISSNET, BETHA, etc.


Main Features

  • Full Integration with GINFE standard.
  • Elimination of the need for a communication interface.
  • Elimination of rework.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Information Tracking and Monitoring.