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Beyond.Brasil-SPED ECD (Accounting)

The Accounting SPED or ECD (Digital Accounting Bookkeeping) is one of the components of the SPED project. Its obligation and layout were defined with the aim of replacing the paper issue of accounting books (Diary, Ledger and Balance Sheet) for digital format. As of 2016, the ECD will be transmitted annually to SPED until the last working day of May of the year following the calendar year to which the bookkeeping refers.

Beyond.Brasil-SPED ECD

The Beyond.Brasil SPED ECD solution was developed in SAP ECC to meet this legal requirement, fully based on the specifications presented by the Brazilian government.

Phoron do Brasil’s Solution

Unlike other similar solutions on the market, where SAP data is replicated in other systems, our solution extracts the requested data from SAP itself, without the need for parallel systems. Therefore, using a single and real source of transactional data, data integrity is guaranteed without the occurrence of rework or maintenance, reducing costs and fiscal risks.

The end result is the report being generated automatically and in the format defined by the Brazilian government.



  • Complementary solution to the SAP standard (Transaction J1BECD).
  • Use of configurable standard tables (Tables J_1BECD_*).
  • Use of dialog structure for customization.
  • Preliminary preview of the file before final generation.
  • File generation for validation.