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Electronic Invoice

NF-e Outbound

The Electronic Invoice is an integral part of the Public System of Digital Bookkeeping (SPED) project established by the government through a decree signed in January 2007.

NF-e Outbound

It is a document issued and stored electronically, of digital only existence, with the purpose of documenting an operation of movement of goods or provision of services occurred between the parties, whose legal validity is guaranteed by the issuer's digital signature and receipt by the tax authorities before the occurrence of the Taxable Event. The NF-e needs to be authorized by the SEFAZ of the issuing state for permission to send the goods.

Phoron do Brasil’s Solution

The Phoron do Brasil solution for Outbound Invoice involves the following features:


  • Stores the document in the standard SAP Database (model 55 etc).
  • Based on the created document, it generates the file in XML format and sends it to the Messaging system.
  • Printing DANFE before and after SEFAZ authorization.
  • Display of the document in the Invoice Monitor.
  • Allows Operations in Contingency mode.
  • Allows NF-e canceling and disabling functions.