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NF-e Inbound

The Entry Invoice is an electronic document issued by your Suppliers (purchases and industrialization returns, for example) or even by your customers in the case of sales returns.

NF-e Inbound

The processing of incoming invoices involves several sectors of the company, such as Inventory Control, Finance, Accounting, Production, etc. that upon receipt of the goods accompanied by DANFE, you can check whether the NF-e is authorized by SEFAZ by checking whether the supplier has sent the XML file of the Invoice. Based on this verification, goods and data can be entered into your ERP system.

Phoron do Brasil’s Solution

The Phoron do Brasil solution for incoming invoices is completely based on the standard SAP solution, ie SAP GRC NFE. With the implementation of this solution, the following processes will be made available:


  • Automatic Processing of Incoming Invoice (XML).
  • Receipt and Validation of Electronic Bill of Lading (CT-e).
  • Automatic execution of Tax and Logistic Processes involved in the receipt of goods.

Main Features

  • Checking the Status of the Entry Invoice at SEFAZ.
  • Confirmation of the Recipient's Manifest via SEFAZ.
  • Information to Suppliers on Confirmation or Rejection of Goods/NF-e.
  • Creation of Inbound Remittance in ERP based on NF-e data.
  • Identification of Deviations between Inbound Shipment and Actual Shipment.
  • Creation of the Physical Entry of Goods in the ERP based on the NF-e.
  • Simulation and Creation of the Entry Invoice in the ERP based on the NF-e.

Manifestation of Recipient

It is a group of events carried out by the recipient of the Invoice, which aims to electronically inform the tax authorities that he was aware of the operation, as well as received the goods.

This is one of the features of the A/P Invoice solution. It is possible to configure the system to automatically search for Invoices issued for your company's CNPJ, and make them available on a monitor, allowing the definition of the event related to the recipient.